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First Post (F1R$T P0$T!!1!)

2008-05-18 18:53:18 by K1LL3R-9

OK this is my first news post so I'm just gonna run through some stuff. I doubt I'll be adding news posts often. My name is Justin Strode and I am a musician. I guess the name I go by for music would be The Strode, cause thats what I put for my website: The Strode. I mostly do Metal stuff, but I like to variate sometimes with Instrumental Rock (which I really enjoy) and Techno/Trance when I experiment with my recording/producing programs.

I am currently saving up for a new guitar to help me expand into Instrumental Rock, which I guess is my sub-category. I'm looking at an Ibanez RG but I'm not too sure on the quality so I will probably hold out for something better. I would post a picture of said guitar with this post, but my computer is being stupid and not letting me download any pictures. I'm also looking into a keyboard and possibly some extra drums for my drum kit (second bass drum, third tom, and ride cymbal), but I just started to play both and my funds will not be able to support all that until I get a real job.

Wow, I believe I'm finished this post and I still have about 31 000 characters left that I can use. Makes me feel like I'm waisting a lot of space. I guess all I have left to say is check out some of my cover songs and some of my other low quality/first songs here. Peace.


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2008-05-18 19:07:43

Sounds good. Seems like you know what you're doing!

K1LL3R-9 responds:

Thanks, but I'm not really sure about anything I'm doing. I guess when you think about it I'm sure of my musical tastes and means of production/distribution, but other than that I'm kinda making it up as I go. Anyway thanks for the comment! Made me realize I'm a bit more prepared than I thought.